Community First  Responders are voluntary members of the public who are trained to a minimum of Cardiac First Responder (Community) level. They are trained to deal with early intervention of Chest Pain, Stroke, Choking and Cardiac Arrest.

We are "Live" with the National Ambulance Service, our Volunteers who are on call, carry a AED and PPE. 
Our control phone will get a text alert from the National Ambulance Service, which will automatically forward on to our "On Call" volunteers. Our " On Call" responders will mobilize  to the call out .  

Community First Responders are a necessary  and  essential resource within the National Ambulance Service. Members of the public in Tralee are very lucky that we have an Ambulance base, however the coverage area is very large, and Tralee at times could be left without an Ambulance, Community First Responders, are here to help strengthen  the Chain of Survival  and ensure every person gets the best possible care.

Community   First Responders are here to assist the National Ambulance Service, not replace them. When a Community First Responder arrives on scene there will always be an Ambulance en-route as well.

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